Tips For Making Your Trip to MJBizCon a Success!

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The cannabis market is all geared up for Marijuana Business Conference & Expo this week. With 14,000 attendees expected, for one week the epicenter of the legal cannabis market will be in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’ve never been to a big trade show like MJBizCon, here are some tips for making your experience a success.

Bring enough business cards. You’re going to MJBizCon, presumably, to advance your business interests in the cannabis market. Networking is the key activity that takes place at a trade show. Don’t let the perfect deal slip through your fingers because you ran out of business cards too soon.

Rehearse your elevator pitch. Whether you’re representing a company, your own business, or your interest in the market, try and develop a short explanation. In one or two sentences, provide answers to the questions what do you do and why are you at MJBizCon. Get to your point quickly; the last thing you want to be is boring when you want people to find you interesting. Here’s a good guide on how to craft a concise elevator pitch. Remember to also add a little context for why you’re at the show.Having

Do your best to get to meetings on time. The cannabis market is laid back, but this show is about business. People are here to take meetings, and showing up late may mean your meeting gets canceled, not to mention being late wastes scarce show time for the person with whom you have an appointment.

Plan your expo visit. With 2 ½ days of sessions and more than 650 exhibits, there’s a lot to see and learn at MJBizCon. Use online tools like the interactive floor map provided by the conference to identify must-see exhibits and plan out your day.  

Make sure you have contact info for all your appointments. Sometimes being late to a meeting is unavoidable, such as when a previous meeting runs long or you get stuck behind a big crowd while traversing the convention hall. If you’re going to be late, let the person you’re meeting with know.

Take care of your health! “It’s all about the parties.” The same sentence is said about every major trade show, and while the sentiment is wrong, there are awesome parties at MJBizCon. And you’re in Las Vegas. And recreational marijuana is now legal in Nevada. It’s a perfect storm of temptation that could – shall we say – make it challenging to get up in the morning. But you didn’t spend all that money and commit all that time to lie in the fetal position on your bathroom floor. Watch your intake, stay hydrated (you’re partying in the desert), and remember you are here on a business trip.

Wear comfortable shoes. Don’t underestimate this point! You’re gonna be on your feet all day. Take care of your feet, and wear comfortable shoes. Brands like Ecco makes dress shoes with soles like sneakers,.

Participate in the social media conversations. MJBizCon has a hashtag. It’s: #mjbizcon. Let people know you’re at the show by sharing your observations. See a cool exhibit? Take a picture of it and put it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and tag it with #mjbizcon. Keep your eyes on these feeds too; you might just discover something unexpected you need to see, or a person you need to meet. If that person is also active on social media when you are, you might be able to connect and schedule a meeting.

The Cannabis Story Lab will be at MJBizCon, too. If you’re heading to the show and thinking about your 2018 marketing and communications plans, hit us up and let’s meet to talk about them:


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